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An Event in My Life
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This community is a spin-off of the LJ-smash-hit adayinmylife. In response to the frequency of single-event posts, I (friendosauras) made this community specifically for those days where only one or two interesting things goes on but you want to post pictures from them anyway.


  • When making a post, only one image is allowed outside of the cut as a teaser of sorts. All others must be under a cut.
  • Teaser size limited to 480x360.
  • All posts must contain at least ten pictures.
  • The above rule does not need to be followed if doing an "a moment in time" style post.
  • No nudity/pornographic images.
  • No posting others' photos without permission.
  • Don't disrespect other members, I will ban you.
  • Absolutely no community promos.
  • Do not comment on my personal journal about this community.
  • Have fun!

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